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AY 2016-2017

March 2017 Initial Scientific Exchange Event: Public Health
This event will occur over a five-day period in March 2017, in Havana, Cuba and will include researchers focusing on the intervention and prevention of HIV, obesity, addictions, and cancer. Ten researchers from UConn's InCHIP and ten researchers from various Cuban institutions will attend. Cuban researchers will be drawn from UH, UCMH, UCLV, CEDRO, SCP, among others. This event is co-organized by the University of Havana and UConn, and is the first of its scale to occur between U.S. institution and Cuban institutions. The event has gained national recognition in Cuba as a model for future events. The event has also gained the title of an International Alliance event, which allows attendees to apply for funding opportunities from Europe with funds specifically allotted for this type of alliance.

UConn Faculty Attendees: Dr. Lisa Butler (Epidemiology and Behavioral Sciences); Dr. Michael Copenhaver (Allied Health Sciences); Dr. Deborah Cornman (InCHIP/Psychology); Dr. Michael Fendrich (Social Work); Dr. Jeffrey Fisher (InCHIP/Psychology); Dr. Kim Gans (Human Development and Family Studies; Dr. Meg Gerrard (Social Psychology); Dr. Debarchana Ghosh (Geography); Dr. Rick Gibbons (Social Psychology); Dr. Tania Hudeo-Medina (Allied Health Sciences/InCHIP).

AY 2015-2016

May 2016 HOMINIS Convention
The Cuban Society of Psychology hosted the 7th Intercontinental Congress - Hominis 2016 at the Palacio de Convencoes de Habana.
UConn Faculty Attendees: Dr. Jeffrey Fisher (InCHIP/Psychology); Dr. Tania Hudeo-Medina (Allied Health Sciences/InCHIP).