Tania Huedo-Medina

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

Departments of Allied Health Sciences and Statistics

Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention and Policy (InCHIP)

Dr. Tania Huedo-Medina, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, also has joint appointments in the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention and Policy (InCHIP). Within InCHIP, Dr. Huedo-Medina runs a health research-related initiative with the University of Havana, Cuban National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) with Mariela Castro as Director, University of Medical Sciences of Havana, Center for Academic Development on Drug Dependencies, Central University “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas, and the Cuban Society of Psychology. Dr. Huedo-Medina and her collaborators are currently working on obtaining appropriate permissions for research collaborations, in coordination with the State Department. Her work focuses on the use of statistics and new methods and analysis in health related disciplines. She also recently visited the Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria/National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA)—an institution of scientific and technological innovation belonging to the Ministry of Higher Education in Cuba. Dr. Huedo-Medina is also working with the Institute of Animal Science to form collaborations with the Agricultural University of Havana and the National Institute of Agricultural Science. Dr. Huedo-Medina will also be working to lead the Vice-Presidential Visit to Cuba in January 2017, as well as both events of scientific exchange in Agriculture and Public Health.